Why would anyone want to ride a bicycle in Istanbul traffic, anyway?

Two of my major rules while bike riding are: 1) remain vertical; and 2) do not get hit by a bus. There are plenty of ways to safely accomplish both of these.

I was riding the bus tonight. It was raining. It was dark, which is usually what happens at night. There were three guys riding bicycles on the edge of a main road (yes, in the rain, at night, in heavy traffic, in Istanbul). I am not sure exactly what happened, but there was a bus-bike interaction of some kind as the bus passed the bicyclists (it is possible that the bikers were not expecting the bus to make a right-hand turn). The bikers were extremely fortunate that there were no injuries.

This audio is the end of the argument between the bus driver and the bike rider. There is also another problem: they are arguing in different languages.

Another good rule is: 3) do not ride a bicycle in Istanbul traffic (which is kind of like saying this or this or even this).

Egyptian Bazaar vendor calls

Here are two vendors in the Egyptian Bazaar (Mısır Çarşısı), a.k.a. the Spice Bazaar. The market is located next to the Yeni Camii (New Mosque) in Eminönü on the historic peninsula. The first selection is a lokum (Turkish Delight) vendor. The second is a walnut vendor. The lokum vendor has a regular shop; the walnut vendor has just set up his walnut bins on the street. They were both doing brisk business after sundown on a Saturday evening.

Sideways plastic recorder

This is a man playing a plastic recorder, sideways (like a flute, instead of the usual perpendicular plastic recorder approach). He is still blowing into the end of the recorder as is usually done, rather than across the hole as a flute player does. The plastic recorder is amplified. Where else was this but Istiklal Caddesi.

Kurban Bayramı call to prayer

This is the sound of the call to prayer from multiple mosques on the evening of the first full day of Kurban Bayramı this year (2014). The recording is short, and it is of poor quality, but you can get an idea of what I heard. I was walking along the inside of Theodosian Walls in Yedikule, just the other side of the wall from Zeytinburnu.

Ney and waves

This ney player was in the pedestrian underpass at the foot of the Galata Bridge. The Galata Bridge crosses the Haliç (the Golden Horn). The Golden Horn separates the ‘old’ part of Istanbul and the ‘new’ part, on the European side. He was just a few steps from the water, which you can also hear.