Fatih Mosque

interior Fatih Camii 1000x750

This is the interior of the Fatih Camii. Constructed in the 1460s under Sultan Fatih Mehmet (the Conqueror), it was built on the highest hill of what was Istanbul at the time. It was built over the site of the Church of the Holy Apostles (built by Emperor Constantine in the 4th Century), which eventually was plundered during the Crusades. Constantine intended this church to house relics of each of the twelve apostles, as well as his own tomb, but I digress. The crumbling church had been abandoned by the time it was razed for the construction of the mosque. The mosque’s complex (kulliye) included tombs, schools, a hospital, a kitchen for feeding the poor, a library, a hospice, a hamam, and a market. Here’s where it is in Istanbul. Here’s the exterior.