A visit to the luthier

bağlama sound hole at kel mehmet's

The other day I went with my bağlama teacher to visit master luthier Mehmet Kılıç at his shop Titiz El (“meticulous hand”) in Mahmut Şevket Paşa, Istanbul. Kel Mehmet makes very fine instruments. This image shows the soundhole of a bağlama hanging in his shop. The sound hole on this instrument is at the bottom end of the instrument. They might also be on the top side of the body, or occasionally on the face of the instrument. There are also electric bağlamas. To listen to a bağlama, go to the previous blog entry for video footage of bağlama virtuoso Arif Sağ. Kel Mehmet has made bağlamas for Arif Sağ and several other master Turkish musicians.