Fish worship

Beşiktaş Hamsi Şenliği (4) fish worshipIt is hamsi season. Sinop, Turkey, on the Black Sea is a big hamsi area. Sinop (“Turkey’s Happiest City”) came to Beşiktaş, İstanbul for the Sinop Hamsi Festivalı today. There was live music. Five tons of hamsi was grilled and given away. There was a raw hamsi eating contest (the winner gets a holiday in Sinop). And it all happened mostly in the rain. Meanwhile, in Sinop, the festival continues for four days.

Is this event government-sponsored fish worship?


More to find at the Kadıköy market. Here’s a pile of fresh anchovies (hamsi), for example.


This next one is an odd-looking piscatorial fellow, don’t you think? The fish seller told me the name, but I was too busy struggling with conversational Turkish that I did not write it down. He said that they are used to make soup. I guess it’s best not to look at this one as you eat it.


These are called dil (“deel”). Dil means tongue in Turkish. Also language. Tonguefish, anyone?