Bossa Nova in the streets

The (Istiklal) street version of Antonio Carlos Jobim’s ‘Desafinado,’ a popular bossa nova tune, played on the trumpet. Jobim helped define the Brazilian bossa nova movement in the early 1960s. Bossa nova, a combination of the samba and jazz, became internationally popular, and is still part of the jazz ‘standards’ library. Jobim’s compositions have been performed and recorded many, many times. Here is a performance of this song by João Gilberto, the other main bossa nova innovator.

This is not the same trumpeter who played the mambo posted earlier.


The santur is an instrument similar to a Western hammered dulcimer. The santur is a Persian instrument, but variants are found in Turkey, India, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Greece, Armenia and Central-Eastern Europe (where it is called a cimbalom). This player was (where else?) on Istiklal Avenue.