Yeni Camii

Yeni Camii interior 1000x750

This is the interior of the Yeni Camii, or New Mosque, around dusk. It is hardly new, as construction was completed about 1665. Here you can see the main dome and three of the four semi-domes that surround it (the main dome is more than 100 ft high… it is impressive). There are 66 domes and semi-domes in this mosque. The inside of the mosque is thick with Iznik tiles (but not nearly as thick as in the Rüstem Paşa Camii). The exterior looks like this.


Yeni Camii ablution fountain dome 360x467

This is a shot of the dome of the ablution fountain in the courtyard and several smaller domes on the mosque.

Egyptian Bazaar vendor calls

Here are two vendors in the Egyptian Bazaar (Mısır Çarşısı), a.k.a. the Spice Bazaar. The market is located next to the Yeni Camii (New Mosque) in Eminönü on the historic peninsula. The first selection is a lokum (Turkish Delight) vendor. The second is a walnut vendor. The lokum vendor has a regular shop; the walnut vendor has just set up his walnut bins on the street. They were both doing brisk business after sundown on a Saturday evening.

Minarets and moon

moon and suleymaniye camii 269x750 moon and yeni camii  262x750

These minarets are from two different mosques (same evening, same moon). The one on the left is the Süleymaniye Camii, the one on the right is the Yeni Camii. Both of these mosques are on the historic peninsula. The Süleymaniye Mosque was built in 1550-58 by Mimar Sinan. The New Mosque (Yeni Camii) was built in 1660-65 by Davut Ağa, an apprentice to Sinan. (There will likely be pictures of the interiors of these mosques at a future date, so stay tuned. I know you will).