Yedikule gardens

Yedikule Gardens 1000x586There are extensive food-producing gardens that run along Istanbul’s historic Theodosian walls near the Yedikule Fortress. These green spaces have been producing vegetables for around 400 years, and possibly as far back as Byzantine times. Controversial plans to rezone this land for commercial development were recently stymied by Istanbul’s mayor. There is vocal opposition in Turkey to any plans to develop Istanbul’s remaining green spaces, such as was seen during the Gezi Park demonstrations in 2013.

Yedikule Fortress

Marmara seen from Yedikule Hısarı 7oct14

Here we see the Sea of Marmara from the northern-most tower at Yedikule Fortress (Yedikule Hısarı). Yedikule, which means seven towers, was built in 1458 as an addition to the Theodosian Walls which were built in the 5th Century. Yedikule is at the southeastern edge of the old city. You can see the fortress (‘from space‘) if you are zoomed in close enough on this map. A short description of Yedikule Fortress can be found here; a slightly longer version, here.

Kurban Bayramı call to prayer

This is the sound of the call to prayer from multiple mosques on the evening of the first full day of Kurban Bayramı this year (2014). The recording is short, and it is of poor quality, but you can get an idea of what I heard. I was walking along the inside of Theodosian Walls in Yedikule, just the other side of the wall from Zeytinburnu.