James E. Holdman
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a few selections

BUS (fixed media series #1)
DOG (fixed media series #2)video

Haunted House
     for percussion ensemble.

Commissioned and performed by Struck Percussion Ensemble to accompany de Chomon's experimental silent film 'The Haunted House' (1908). 
A Gondola Evades Us
   for piano and two percussion.

Premiered by Zeitgeist, May 2013. Made possible by the Zeitgiest Commissioning Collective.
for mandolin and fixed media

The 'fixed' portion of this electroacoustic composition was created entirely from internet newscasts about hurricane Sandy. Premiered Oct 2012. 
Selected by an international jury convened by the Electronic Arts Research Centre (CEIArtE) of the National University of Tres de Febrero (Argentina) for the first phase of "art! climate" in collaboration with the Red Cross/Red Crescent. More info here.
Lunch with a Nunscore
for vibes and guitar (four mvmnts)
II Courante
III Sarabande
ACF Salon performance Apr 2012
David Birrow, vibes


Don't Call Me Norman audio score
for piano, vibes, and bass clarinet
performed by Zeitgeist
Down the Stairway the Ghost She Does Not Want Me to See Flees audio
for string trio
performed by counter)induction
The Hole of Lament audio1 audio2 audio3
excerpts from the Open Eye Figure Theatre's "Refreshments"

Based loosely on Javanese gamelan.
(0:42) (0:24) (0:26)
my little quadrilateral (I. side one) audio score
first of four movements
for violin and guitar
performed by Duo46
Lament from Darwin's Folly audio score
for solo piano
performed by Jocelyn Hagen
Joropo de Lara audio score
for mandolin orchestra (3:37)
Holiday for Methuselah audio
for jazz combo (3:28)
Maddy's Eaten a Little Humus Again
video score
for found metal objects and four percussionists (8:38)
Simian Ocean score
for symphonic band
An "Ism" Jib score
for guitar and African percussion
Lights Out at the Monkey House score
for post-modern big band

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